I switched careers based off of a viral video

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And it was Supa Hot Fire

I’m a designer. I’ve been designing for the entrepreneur on my own for two years now. I work for myself, so no boss, no corporate office, no co-workers or Holiday parties. It is a blessing and a challenge.

Being an entrepreneur is nothing short of a wild journey. Here is how it usually goes.

There are great days and sometimes rough months, yes plural. Preparing for the spontaneity of what each day may have in store for you is key.

Often times as you find exactly what works for you and your business, you’ll have to pivot. You’ll have to make changes and enhancements. You’ll have to switch your idea or service from one product to the another. This is life. In life things pop up, things change, things happen unexpectedly all of the time. Day after day we have to adjust, prepare, plan and react to what is in front of us.

My specialty is branding and webdesign for the founder and entrepreneur. There is a big market for the services I provide and I am happy and proud that I am able to work in this arena. I wanted to be an entrepreneur when I worked for a boutique design agency in New York. I planned and planned to get out on my own and design for other entrepreneurs, having them as my clients and do it myself, on my own terms, making my own rules. I even wrote a list and checked in 20,000 timeto achieve this goal.

While working for myself designing websites, I was reminded of the time it takes to deliver high quality products and experiences on your own. It takes time, it takes a lot of communication, research and work. This also reminded me that these are the steps needed to succesfully complete a project no matter the area. I thought, if I applied these steps to a different practice, I could still get the same results.

Enter Supa Hot

We all love a viral video. A few years ago I came across Supa Hot Fire. A mock battle rapper similar to Kevin Hart’s Chocolate Droppa. Supa will have his crew behind him, he will say a line with a fake climax having almost nothing to do with the opponent and suddenly the crew goes wild. It is hilarious. You may have seen the gif from one of his epic battles.

One of Supa Hot Fire’s classic lines is “but I’m not a rapper.” He’ll usually say this once his crew finally calms down after an earth shattering bar he dropped to belittle whoever he is rhyming against.

This was a trend a few years ago in the rap world, to rap really well, putting tons of effort and practice into your performance and then say “I’m not a rapper.”

I thought about this for a second. I wanted to use this sort of strange boost of encouragement in my life. It has been a passion and a need for me to share what I know with other people. A couple of years ago I wrote a book, it’s called Fire Your Designer. Fire Your Designer is a book to help the wantrepreneur turn into the entrepreneur. From finding a business name, to designing a new logo and designing a new website. I wrote about the different tools, apps and resources that can be used to get all of these things done for a low cost without having to hire an expensive team of professionals.

Although I love sharing my findings and helping others achieve their goals through blog posts and books, I still tell everyone I’m a designer. I just redesigned my portfolio.

But what I learned from Supa Hot is, while I may not be a writer, I can still write, share my resources and help people with my blog posts and articles. You can check out my ebook Fire Your Designer here. But I’m not a writer.