My life was Rihanna until I turned it to Wu-tang and then it was Fabolous

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Make sure all the tabs are open plus the apps, peak at the phone and have a Skype call all at once. Thats pretty much how work life goes for a lot of us. We do a little of everything then we go stress out and go on a social media detour to escape the predicament we put ourselves in. Then time is running out, deadlines and the end of day is approaching and all we have is more emails, more tabs open and the want to waste just a little bit more time to escape again, already.


But. What if we just slowed all the way down? What if we did only a couple things at a time, I didn’t say one because that may be like going cold turkey. Going from 20 tabs to 6 tabs open, calls only at certain times, social sites only at certain times in certain, short increments? What if you reallllyyy went in on yourself and set some damn rules and guidelines and made quick pretty systems that helped you feel well, perform even better and be happier? Seems like the latter would bring a more relaxed and still productive lifestyle.

So I used to work, work, work, work. Rihanna. I used to do all the things I said in the first paragraph. Give me all the tabs, open all the apps, and yea, I’ll take a call in between all of that. It felt right because I was busy and we’re told to be busy to feel like we’re getting things done. I slowed all that shit down. Limited the apps and tabs open. I looked at my goals, my to-dos and deadlines, prioritized them, took small steps per project daily, moved to other projects and did the same. Told myself it was okay.

You even tell yourself it’s okay? Ever reward yourself with a compliment because you’re surviving? Because you’re finding ways to better yourself? I do now and its marvelous.

I slowed down. Wu-Tang. (Ghostface) To some ball is life. To me music is life. A wonderland I can journey to no matter what mood I’m in. While reshaping how I lived my life, I turned on some Ghostface, a favorite of mine is “Slow Down” I followed instructions. I thought, why do I need all these things open and running and loading all at once. Yea, I can move quick, navigate from app to app, project to project like a Champ but for what? Just to do it? I thought, I’ll slow it all down, focus on the projects in front of me and get better results and less stress. I did this with people too. Even the slow talkers! You know now how if someone takes like a breath its time for us to scroll on our phone until they find their next word. Now, I wait, I look them in their eyes and just talk and listen. What I’ve found is I feel better. The constant rush is uncomfortable, stuffing my entire day every second just to be doing something sometimes, madness.

I keep these new practices consistent. I zone in on what I’m good at and ask for help with what I’m not good at. Fabolous. I talk about Fab again and again. I just cannot get over how well he has managed a 15+ year career, still relevant, still very good at what he does, how he does it and who he does it with. I look to do the same in my life and career. Consistency can often be the key between winning and failing. Doing that thing, over and over, getting better at it, revising the strategy, calling in features, collaborators, mentors or plain helpers when you need them. Major key.

Going super fast just to go. Working just to work and scrolling just to scroll. All bad. Slowing down and figuring out what needs to get done now, what can wait until later and being present. Being in the moment and patient can change your whole way of life. These things can make both you and those are you happier. These things can decrease the stress, increase productivity and if anything, these 3 artists, Rihanna, Wu-Tang’s Ghostface and Fabolous would make an interesting playlist!