You Scared Mothaf*cka?! Keep It Real With Me

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Navigating through fear to reach signs of success.

The 2017. It’s a wild place. Sort like wild Wild West but more like the wild wild U.S. As we all are trying to get it, fear can overpower us like someone recently sober at the bar, greeted by a beautiful bartender. The fear feels so real. And with the current state of political affairs mixed with the overall undertaking of entrepreneurship, it’s hard to feel empowered. Hard but not impossible. So where do you find encouragement. Where do you find support and the tools necessary to reach the signs of success.

Start with the Start

The start of your day can determine a ton. Find your miracle morning. What key things help you wake up and get started. I like to offer the solution of breaking the morning into six set of 10 minute concentrated blocks. Waking up an hour earlier to slow your day down, adding a calm and focus starting with 10 minutes of silence and giving thanks.


10 minutes of meditation

10 minutes of reading

10 minutes of writing

10 minutes of exercise

10 minutes of drinking tea and reviewing your daily mini and macro goals

This way of starting your day is drastically different from waking up with just enough time to shower and get in the car or train.

Handwriting your goals

They say handwriting ideas and plans down makes it easier to remember them. Also, shit, these days writing¬†may even be therapeutic since we’re always typing either on mobile or on desktop. Have fun buying a new moleskin, pencils, pens and markers and getting busy.

Get someone to hold you accountable

Now this can hurt a little. Well if you’re a night person waking up early may hurt as well but there are tricks to that like putting the alarm far away from the bed and plotting on a tasty tea, coffee or breakfast in the morning to get you excited about waking up early. But after passing that possible pain, find a friend, colleague or goals coach / mentor to hold you accountable to reaching your goals. It helps. It is easier to cancel on ourselves, harder to cancel and / or disappoint someone else who’s on our side.

Don’t stop

Overcoming obvious fear or even fear of the unknown can make anyone want to stop. Don’t stop. It may feel painful but pain is temporary. Push through. You can do it. I repeat, you can do it.

There are all kind of other points that are beneficial to reaching goals and overcoming fear. All the above, I’ve found to be pertinent and needed to be put to use in them beginning. I share these points in addition to specific apps and other resources to friends and entrepreneurs who have the want and need to work for themselves but are scared to start or reach points of stagnation while already in business.

I’m a designer and apparently a consultant. I go by EJordanill (Eric Jordan Illustration) I went from oil painting, to digital painting, to graphic design, to fashion design, to creative director, to consultant. I found myself dishing motivational quotes and talks over coffee and tea day after day with candid exuberant testimonies from those I spoke with. I thought nothing of it beyond the excitement I had from the excitement the person I spoke with expressed to me from the results of our conversations. The feeling of helping people overcome their fear while they bring in money with their new or existing business because of my advice was and still is a magical feeling.

With these results I have made it official and now offer both consulting and design services to my clients, whereas before it was only official design services. The consulting portion has just begun and is most rewarding for both me and my clients. I love knowing that my research, care and experience help people overcome what they were afraid of, help build their confidence and their bank account all at the same damn time. The fear that we feel is not real.