Applied Faith in Our Pursuit of Success

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Who doesn’t what to be successful in any and everything they set out to do in their life? Most of us would be hard-pressed to find a person that doesn’t want to achieve success in whatever they commit to doing, be it personally or professionally. Prior to writing this post I happened upon a video about the concept of Applied Faith as described by Napoleon Hill [#4 of the 17 Success Principles]. Sure, I’ve heard his name before, being not-so-casually tossed around in professional circles, but I was never moved to dissect what it was that Hill was touting as his “master keys” to success. As Hill spoke on what it means to utilize Applied Faith in our pursuit of success, my thoughts drifted.

As I’ve embarked on my own professional journey (from radio and record label promo, to PR/Advertising) I have come to associate Hill’s most acclaimed book, Think And Grow Rich, with people who are fixated, almost maniacally so, on becoming successful in business. As he spoke, I paused the video in places, thinking about his words as they related my current set of circumstances. Almost 10 months ago I left my full-time night gig to work solely as a freelance Copywriter/Editor. Not only did I chuck the deuce at the “glass fruit” on 5th Avenue, I chucked it at the city of New York itself. After months of mediation, travel, and intermittent fasting, I concluded that my time in that great city had come to an end. I truly believed that I could live, work and play in New York City with the best of the best. It was that innate desire and belief in my vision that gave me the fuel to achieve some semblance of professional success and persevere through a multitude of failures. That belief yielded me nine years of memories, which are forever intertwined into the fabric of who I am.

So here I am today, nestled into the confines of my dining room-turned-writing room and the daily noises of Koreatown, Los Angeles rudely crash their way into my ears as I write an entry about faith-based success. My time here has been filled with some promise, but also littered with some obstacles [I hate when that freelance pipeline dries up]. In the past 10 months I’ve presented/auditioned my writing to FOX Sports, met with a couple of TV producers, and received script notes from an actively working HBO series director. Belief. It yields progress as long as there’s action behind the inspiration. According to Hill there are exactly six things one must do in order set yourself on the path to having everything you ever wanted in this Life:

  1. Know what you want and believe that you can and will get it.
  2. Express gratitude on a daily basis for the things you have received and have yet to receive.
  3. Maintain an open mind for hunches from within and when inspired to act, move on them at once.
  4. When taken over by defeat know that your faith will be tested my times before you are crowned in victory.
  5. A burning desire for the things or circumstances you want is the starting point for Applied Faith. Be definite. Believe. Act.
  6. When doubt creeps into your mind remember that whatever you believe you will reap.

“Belief is truly a magical word because it is the beginning of all successes.” -Napoleon Hill