10 Minutes of Marvelous Meditating with Headspace

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So I have been off of Instagram for like 10 days. Hooray! Cause listen, I have a Macbook Air from 2013 and I’m out here running Photoshop, Illustrator, Netflix and Tidal on it all at the same time knowing damn well this laptop is more suited for emailing and iTunes. I’m doing a lot on this here machine. So back in the days, like 11 days ago, every time I saved a Photoshop or Illustrator file it would take a little minute to finish since I’m doing the most on my laptop. Every save I was scrolling on the gram. And I save often! Shit was getting out of control. People I haven’t seen since I lived in Brooklyn almost two years ago, I knew they whole Gram life. Well, thank the heavens, those days are over. Enter Headspace.

After having time to think and zone in on what I want to do with my life instead of watching what others do, I found myself in┬áthe app store. I know, kinda like finding an app to replace another but even if thats the cause, I’m so excited about this new one. Headspace is a beautifully designed meditation app. Fun animations that explain in detail the goals that will be accomplished. You get a nice soothing voice helping you every step of the way, starting at level one. So if you’re looking into how to get into that meditation world and don’t want people judging you or don’t want to judge yourself on what you may not know, it’s all good.

Need time away from too many thoughts running wild in your head? Need time away from this all the coverage of this new President of the United States? Need to not scroll all. Day. Long. Like I used to? Checkout Headspace and see if the practice of meditation will help you in ways you wanted and maybe even some new ways you didn’t even expect.